Saturday, March 13, 2010

A view from above

Drew and Nick went out to the water tower in the back of the property today to climb up and see the view. It was a bit cloudy today, but you can still see one of Nicaragua's many volcanoes in the background of the second photo.

Abbey and I went with Kathy to a women's luncheon which was hosted by a member of the church. It was a good time of sharing, eating, and then swimming! Abbey loved going in the swimming pool, and it felt SO good to be in the cool water after holding a sweaty baby for quite a while. No pictures of that... sorry. Maybe next time.

I also finally have pictures to share of the library and our friend Rosmery, who we've been practicing our Spanish with. She works as the librarian here at the sports center and it a great resource for us as we continue to learn Spanish. She speaks English extremely well, and is a big help to us.

Megan, Ana (one of the neighborhood girls, who is 8, but not much bigger than Drew), and Abbey in the library.

A tub with Nick's mom's name on it! She must have brought this down when she was here about a year and a half ago. It was fun to find this in the library.

Drew, some girls from the Manna Project spring break team, and some Nicaraguan girls after playing basketball.

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