Saturday, March 6, 2010

The one with all the pictures

I have several pictures to share with you all today of some of the things we've been doing. Going through pictures for this post showed me how I'm not taking enough pictures! I've been in the library the past few days helping people with their homework and practicing my spanish and their english. I really enjoy going over there. A wonderful girl names Rosemary works there. She speaks fantastic english and is a good friend/translator to have. I need to take some pictures of her and of the library to post later.
Nick and Halle worked on taking out a tree because the roots of it had broken the water main to the house. When I went out to take pictures, Nick said, "He's cutting down the branch that the ladder is on... what could go wrong?" Well, nothing did go wrong, it was just a big job.

Nick missed a few spots with his sunscreen.

Drew has been out in the sports complex almost every day playing. This is from when he was playing soccer one day:
It's a bit hot and dusty here right now. We're in the dry season. Drew comes home covered in dirt every day... and he loves it.

Today we went to a carnival that the local Christian school was putting on. The church that we'll be going to also meets at this school. It is about 2-3km away from where we are living. The kids liked the dunk tank, and other carnival games and the petting zoo. Drew wanted to bring this little puppy home. We also had some awesome "Comida Oriental"

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