Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Two Days

The first two days have felt like a whirlwind! We got into Managua, Nicaragua, at about 10pm on Monday night. After collecting our luggage and navigating customs, we met Kathy and Halle, loaded into their van, and drove out to their home. We crashed around midnight that night, which I think helped keep jet lag at bay (for me anyway... Nick is feeling it a bit, I think).

Abbey and Drew woke up at about their normal times on Tuesday morning. I spent the majority of the day unpacking, getting oriented in the house, taking care of Abbey, doing school with Drew, and meeting some of the other people that live and work here. Nick spent a bit of time with Halle doing manual labor, meeting people and getting a tour of the vast property. Drew played outside at lot (as you can see from the last post). We met Amanda, who along with her husband Tomas, live right next door. Tomas works at a Christian school nearby, and Amanda works with Kathy and Halle at AMEN.

Today, Wednesday, I took my first real trip out of the house to the grocery store. I was surprised at how easy it was to navigate, even with my limited Spanish skills. I did almost buy sardines instead of tuna, though! That would've been a surprise. Thankfully I noticed my mistake before I left the isle. I also spent a bit of time over at the sports complex this afternoon, watching Drew play with the Nica kids and practicing my spanish. Abbey is a great conversation piece! The tween/teen girls were fascinated with Drew's big blue eyes! They kept talking about them and trying to get a good look at them. Watch out Drew!