Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playing Hard

This week is Semana Santa (Holy Week) and much of the country has the week off, or at least the end of the week (Wednesday afternoon-Sunday). We decided to take advantage of that and go to the beach! We took one of the big vans out to Pochomil for the day. Everyone went except Halle. All in all, it was Kathy, Nick, Me, Drew, Abbey, Amanda & Tomas, and their kids Samanta and baby Anthony, and Amanda's parents, Denny and John. There was a bridge out near the beach, so we had to take a detour on a dirt road through some sugar cane fields. There were no signs on the detour route. As we were sitting at an "intersection" trying to decide which way to go, a guy on a horse came up and helped us. We eventually made it to the beach, and a while later, the horse guy showed up to rent out his horse for rides. Amanda and I split a 30 min ride which cost 50 cordobas (roughly $3, or $1.50 each). Amanda and Samantha took the first 15 minutes and then Drew and I went for the second 15 minutes. It was a nice way to thank him for helping us.

Time was spent playing cards, playing in the sand, riding the waves, and just plain relaxing.

We ate some delicious seafood. Tomas had the "Medium Fish" and Drew had "Fishs Fingers" (the English translated side of the menu provided some entertainment. "Flat Grilled Chicken" was another option).

Our friends Ian and Teran, who are working to adopt three boys from here, came out to the beach a little later in the day. They were unable to get the name of the restaurant we were at off of their email due to a power outage in the morning, but remembered Pochomil. When they got to Pochomil, they started asking where the gringos with the big silver van were, and found us shortly! Drew always has fun playing with their boys.


  1. You guys look like you're having so much fun!