Thursday, January 28, 2010


Lake Nicaragua
Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it! We're halfway to our funding goal already! Just two weeks ago we had a whopping $100...

Two weeks ago (a conversation with my friend Scott):
Scott: How's the fund raising going?
Me: well.... we have a ways to go still.
Scott: What do you need; what's the bottom line?
Me: We need about $7500... and have $100 so far, but I guess we really only need about $1500 by the end of January so we can purchase plane tickets.
Scott: Wow.

Yesterday morning we called to check how much was in our account that our church had set up for us and we had $550. Better.... but still not even enough for plane tickets. Then we got an update in the evening that another $1000 had come in! We had $1550.... by the end of January! Plane tickets, here we come!!!

Today we got another phone call telling us the church missions board had approved $2000 for us as well... AND last night, at my last choir practice, the choir completely surprised and blessed me by giving me a card with $300 in it!

That brings the current total to about $3850! Praise God for his faithfulness and provision and THANK YOU if you were a part of that giving.

We need about twice that to make it the whole four months in Nicaragua, but wow... what a start! I feel extremely blessed right now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The massive yellow pad

We have this yellow pad that we keep writing things down on that either, "need to be done" or "need to be purchased" or "need to be packed." It feels like every time we walk by it there's something new to write and things aren't being crossed off the list very fast. All in all ... feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving the country for several months right now.

I've been wondering if we should do a benefit concert or two. Maybe one over here in Seattle and another is the Tri-Cities (where many friends and family live). That might help us see a lot of people before we go and help raise some funds. So, there we go... another thing to add to the yellow pad! :)

I actually crossed two things OFF the list yesterday, so it was about time something new was added.

Friday, January 8, 2010

hand cramps and 101 stamps

We sent out letters on monday to raise support. 101 letters! We hand addressed every envelope and boy do our hands hurt! I went to Costco to get these great pictures printed to include with our letter. Sandy (Nick's mom) took the picture at a friend's Christmas open house.

We've figured out that we need to raise close to $8,000. It's a bit daunting... but we have faith that God will provide and that things will work out.

Nick is working on an online class to continue his aim towards a teaching certificate when we return. Megan is making lists of things to pack and working on finding a good reading curriculum for Drew. We're all working on our Spanish... Nick has the advantage of two years of high school Spanish class stored away in his brain. Megan took German in high school... that's not going to help much :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Falling into place

So it's been while since I posted, but things have been falling into place over the last several weeks. We will be moving to Nicaragua at the beginning of March to work with Kathy and Halle August of Alongside Ministries En Nicaragua (AMEN) for aprox. 4 months. The Mission Society didn't work out and we kept coming back to Kathy and Halle. They are originally from our church here in Woodinville, but have been living and working in Nicaragua for the past 7 years. We're excited and terrified all at the same time, and there are many details to work out as we get ready to go, but we're looking forward to helping them with the preschool, feeding program, library, and sports complex that they are involved with. The Augusts also host teams from different churches who come and work for a week or so at a time. We anticipate helping with preparations for teams as well.

We really feel and see God's hand in all of this as we step out in a new direction. The kids will be coming as well, and we're working on our Spanish skills! Drew will be homeschooled for the remainder of the school year. We plan to be back in July and he will start 2nd grade in the fall in the Northshore School District again. Megan plans on returning to teaching in Everett, and Nick is hoping to start his teaching certification program in the fall as well.

Our current needs are:

PRAYER! Huge... there are so many details and little things to work out that we're unsure of and we need God's grace and peace as we go forward.
Financial: We we have no income during this time and will need financial support. If you feel led to help in this way, you can send a check with "Nick and Megan: Nicaragua" to WCUMC (