Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a difference a week of rain makes!

Check out theses pictures of the field from before, taken about a month ago when Nick, Drew, and Halle were planting the garden:

And now, after a week of rain, it's SO GREEN! You can see the garden in the bottom left corner of the first picture. Drew is helping Jiro mow the grass in the second one.

On unrelated notes, we've had some sad and happy happenings recently.
First the sad; we had to bury a dog. One of the guard dogs, Tank, got suddenly and seriously ill and crawled under the van and died, all within about 16 hours. Nick and Jiro dug a hole by a tree and buried Tank there. It was a pretty sad day for all of us.

As for our happy news, Abbey Sunshine turned 1 on May 2nd! Our little baby is turning into a little girl. She's been asserting her toddlerhood attitude by being very persistent and vocal when she doesn't get what she wants. She's still not walking on her own yet, but I'm sure she will be soon. She likes holding onto our hands still and is insistent on leading the way. She waves bye-bye in two languages... it's really cute to see her wave when people say "adios!" Another of her favorite games currently is holding the cell phone to her head (not necessarily her ear) and saying "hola?"

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