Tuesday, May 18, 2010

El Farito: Comedor

Every Tuesday and Thursday, El Farito, the preschool, is also used for a feeding program known as comedor. We usually go a bit early, when the preschoolers eat, so that Drew can play and eat with them. Abbey is enjoying story time with the preschoolers, just before lunch.

About 50 or so kids from the Cedro Galan neighborhood come for lunch. Kathy has neighborhood women who take turns cooking the food for the kids. Drew loves going for lunch. It's always fun for him to try new Nicaraguan foods and he likes helping out too.

The kids line up outside, come in a few at a time to wash their hands, and then sit at the tables. They then sing their blessing song, "Gracias Señior." The words are:
Gracias Señior, por tu amor
Por tu fidelidad, por tu bondad. 2x
Gracias Señior 4x

Roughly translated, it means, "Thank you, Lord, for your love, for your faithfulness, for your goodness. Thank you, Lord."
The kids really do more shouting than singing, because the table that sings the "best" gets to go get their food first!

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