Saturday, April 17, 2010


We've been here in Managua for seven weeks and today is the the first time it has rained. We're still in the dry season (the last rain was around Dec 15th). The rainy season won't really start until mid-late May, but it was amazing to watch the storm come in and hear and feel the rain. It was fast and hard and extremely refreshing. So different from Seattle, where it's just wet for months on end and nothing ever dries out and our car starts to smell like mold after a while. I climbed the water tower with Halle to take some pictures and to watch the lightning. The lightning was quite far off, so it was a beautiful sight. Several seconds later we'd hear the thunder.

Drew and Nick did a rain dance (video below!) and got completely soaked... but had a blast!

I wasn't going to blog today, or at least until much later tonight, because we're getting ready for Drew's 7th birthday party today. He'll officially be 7 on Wednesday, but we wanted to have a BBQ before Halle and Kathy leave for the states for three weeks on Tuesday. We also wanted to include Amanda's parents and they head home to the Bay Area tomorrow. There will be pictures and blogging on that fun event later.

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