Monday, April 12, 2010

The library addition and dinner at Jessenia's

Some recent pictures of the library addition. The roof is on and the subfloor is in.

Abbey taking a bath in the utility sink on the back porch. I needed to hang some laundry and didn't know what to do with Abbey, so I stripped her down, had Drew keep and eye on her, and they both had a great time playing in the sink.

Some photos from dinner at Jessenia's house on Friday night.

Watching her cook the Sopa de Queso in the outdoor (and only) kitchen. Drew is climbing the ladder to the platanos in the background.

Jessenia's daughter Jessica getting a platano off the tree.

Jessenia cooking the cheese/corn tortes.

Drew and Nick being silly outside the front of the house. The kitchen is off to the left in the back. The house is a very small two room dwelling. You can see the light coming through the boards on the back wall through the door of the house. The floor is compacted dirt on the inside.


  1. So much fun reading about all of your adventures, Megan! Thanks for posting all the latest info in your life!

  2. I love all the pictures, Cousin!