Thursday, January 28, 2010


Lake Nicaragua
Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it! We're halfway to our funding goal already! Just two weeks ago we had a whopping $100...

Two weeks ago (a conversation with my friend Scott):
Scott: How's the fund raising going?
Me: well.... we have a ways to go still.
Scott: What do you need; what's the bottom line?
Me: We need about $7500... and have $100 so far, but I guess we really only need about $1500 by the end of January so we can purchase plane tickets.
Scott: Wow.

Yesterday morning we called to check how much was in our account that our church had set up for us and we had $550. Better.... but still not even enough for plane tickets. Then we got an update in the evening that another $1000 had come in! We had $1550.... by the end of January! Plane tickets, here we come!!!

Today we got another phone call telling us the church missions board had approved $2000 for us as well... AND last night, at my last choir practice, the choir completely surprised and blessed me by giving me a card with $300 in it!

That brings the current total to about $3850! Praise God for his faithfulness and provision and THANK YOU if you were a part of that giving.

We need about twice that to make it the whole four months in Nicaragua, but wow... what a start! I feel extremely blessed right now.

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