Thursday, February 4, 2010


We bought airplane tickets today! Amazing! We'll be leaving on March 1st (just a short 25 days from today) and returning on July 6th. This is just incredible.

We were going back and forth on what date to return and how to get down there (which airline, or to accept some frequent flier miles someone offered us) this week. When I first looked at the ticket prices last month, they were about $630 ea., and then I looked on Sunday and they were up to $735! Ugh! I was frustrated. So, as we debated about using these miles, Nick and I finally felt that it really wasn't going to work out to do that. I went back online again today and the ticket prices were back down to $630! God is Awesome!

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  1. Just heard the news about Drew and all of you headed to Nicaragua. How awesome! One day Ava and her big sister Noelle and my husband and I will do a volunteer vacation to a Spanish speaking country. We're looking forward to reading your blog while you're on your mission. You'll be missed! Take care,
    Rachelle Whitman

    PS Are you on twitter? If so, what's your username? You can follow me at