Friday, January 8, 2010

hand cramps and 101 stamps

We sent out letters on monday to raise support. 101 letters! We hand addressed every envelope and boy do our hands hurt! I went to Costco to get these great pictures printed to include with our letter. Sandy (Nick's mom) took the picture at a friend's Christmas open house.

We've figured out that we need to raise close to $8,000. It's a bit daunting... but we have faith that God will provide and that things will work out.

Nick is working on an online class to continue his aim towards a teaching certificate when we return. Megan is making lists of things to pack and working on finding a good reading curriculum for Drew. We're all working on our Spanish... Nick has the advantage of two years of high school Spanish class stored away in his brain. Megan took German in high school... that's not going to help much :)

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