Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back story #1: or how we got here

So several months back, our state of being was as follows:
Megan: On leave from teaching for the 09-10 school year to stay home with Abbey
Nick: Working at a local music store and not exactly loving it

Nick had been working at the store for over a year and constantly looking for something different. Who knows how many other jobs he applied for, but nothing ever came through. He started calling this, "the year of being poor."

October rolls around, Nick is still at the store. We started a study at our church called, "live like you were dying." Now, I (megan) was being a bit cynical about this study and said it was silly because, "if we really only had 30 days left to live (the premise of this study) then you (nick) would quit your job and we'd live off our savings! But we can't do that... we need your income."
A week later, Nick comes into the bedroom after being up early with the baby and informed me that October would be the last month that he worked at the store. Evidently he and Abbey had discussed it at length while I was sleeping. Then a week or so later, we found out that his store was closing. October would indeed be the last month he worked at the store.

Oh boy... now we're both out of work! Yikes!

After some thinking, praying, and discussing, we decided Nick would take November off to do some volunteering in Drew's school (which he needs to do for his teaching certification program anyway) and we'd supplement the paychecks we get from the church with our savings... but... get this... his paycheck from the store to finish out October was EXACTLY the amount we needed to not have to use ANY of our savings. God is really providing for us and helping us see that we're going step by step with Him.

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