Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winding Down

As our time here is drawing to a close, I've been trying to reflect on our time here and what it will mean and has meant to our family. I'm not quite ready to write that blog yet. I'm still processing all of it. It has been an amazing and blessed time, but also quite difficult and challenging in many ways as well.

This past week we had a group from West Sacremento, California, with us. They were a really fun group and special for us since they were a family group. There were kids from age 8-college with their parents. I really enjoyed seeing how short term mission trips can work as families. I think a lot of people get the idea in their head that mission trips are only for adults or teens, but these kids were ready to work and help out in any way they could. I think coming together as a family really makes for a solid faith experience for all of them together; a shared time of helping others and sharing God's word and work.
Drew and the kids from the team; hanging out and helping out:

Drew in the kitchen at the Ranchon (where we eat with teams) with an iguana. Carlos, who's mom Fermina cooks for us where there are teams, brought it over to show the team and Drew.

This group led a two day VBS for about 40 kids from our neighborhood. Drew was excited to participate and hang out and help as well. He even came up with the game idea for the first day. The team also did some painting, construction, and Nick and one of the dads from the team, Ron, got to get back into the trench that the Maranatha team helped dig and make it a foot deeper!
Halle giving instructions for the game time of VBS:

A round of Red Light Green Light:

One of the neighborhood girls watching Nick play guitar:
We went to the feeding program one last time on birthday cupcake day! Kathy makes cupcakes once a quarter for the kids who have had birthdays in the last three months. It was Drew's turn, so he got up with the other kids to collect his cake and be sung to.

Abbey with Shirley, one of the little girls that comes to the feeding program with her mom.

We also had the opportunity to go to our dear friend Jessenia's house one more time for dinner and fellowship. We have really enjoyed our friendship with her and her family. She made arroz a la valenciana, Drew's favorite Nicaraguan dish.
There was time for soccer in the yard before dinner.

Juan, Jessenia, and their children.

Jessenia's kids with Drew. There are some extra cousins in this picture too.

And one final picture. Abbey is getting so big! She's got five teeth now, with two more about to pop. She's walking on her own when she wants too, but mostly prefers to grab a hand and take you along with her wherever she wants to go. You can see her three bottom teeth in this picture.

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